Eine Flasche Uhudler auf einem Tisch mit Schinkenkipferl



We are very happy to announce that we will have a series of evening concerts and a matinee in the great Renaissance hall of the castle. After the evening concerts we offer a four course candle light dinner, cooked by local chef Gerda Stocker, who runs a unique and authentic restaurant on her own.

Prices for combo tickets:
Concert & dinner (excl. drinks): 123.- Euros

01. October 2023

Wiener Klänge aus drei Jahrhunderten

Frolieb Tomsits-Stollwerck (Gesang und Violine)
Mario Andric (Klavier)

Breakfast 8-10:30am

25.- Euro

Included are ham, cheese, fruits, vegetables, juice, eggs and coffee/tea.


Concert 11:30am

40.- Euro

The duo Frolieb Stollwerck and Mario Andric are working together since 2004 and have acquired a large repertoire consisting of church music, chamber music and songs. They are often performing in their "home church" Canisius in the 9th district of Vienna but also in other churches. Mario Andric is a virtuoso playing the organ and Frolieb Stollwerck is impressing her audience not only with her warmly resonating soprano but also with her invaluable Mittenwalder violin from 1760.