Weinflaschen auf einem Holztisch

The Almásy Collection

Rarities from
Central Europe

The Almásy family has always consisted of explorers and adventurers. Now that every mountain, river and valley has been discovered, we had to look for a new field where hidden treasures are waiting.

Familiar & exoctic wines

We offer an exciting oenological "expedition" across Central and Eastern Europe during which you will meet familiar wines like Blauer Zweigelt and Grüner Veltliner but also exotic new grape varieties like Pinela (Slowenia), Harslevelü (Hungary) and Feteasca Neagra (Romania).

The number on each label indicates the distance from the castle to the vinyard to resemble the numerous journeys of discovery of the Almásy family and the vehicle on the label (motorcycyle, automobile and airplane) represents the quality level of the wine.

Motorcycle - solid drinking wine

Automobile - vintage wine

Airplane - the very best our cellar has to offer

These wines are available in our online-shop or directly at the castle, please use the interface below to order your wines.

Eine Weißweinflasche auf einem Holztisch

Motorcycle - class

Blauer Zweigelt

(0,75 l) - 18,00.- Euro

Dry, cherries, notes of vanilla, silky tannins

Discovered 65 km north of Bernstein Castle


Eine Süßweinflasche

Motorcycle - class


(0,375l) - 23,00.- Euro

Sweet, pineapple, white blossoms, caramel, spicy

Discoverd 70 km north-east of Bernstein Castle



Eine Weißweinflasche

Airplane - class


(0,75l) - 29,00.- Euro

Dry, quince, green pear and lots of beeswax with minty notes

Discovered 394 km east of Bernstein Castle


Ein Süßwein aus Ungarn

Airplane - class

Tokaj Aszú

(0,5l) - 109,90.- Euro

Sweet, floral, notes of caramel, walnut, apricot and tangerine

Discoverd 401 km east of Bernstein Castle