Ein Schwan aus Silber vor einem Spiegel

The hotel

through time

The dining hall is lit only by candles, the rooms docorated with antiques, we combine modern luxuries with the flair of a time long gone. TV sets and similar features were not installed on purpose, we offer peace and quiet, lots of space and a fantastic view.

Detailaufnahme eines Fußendes eines Bettes aus Holz

The rooms

Space for dreams

All our rooms are individually furnished and each one has it´s own charm. The names of the rooms are those of former inhabitants or other important historic personalities.

Portraits die über einem Schreibtisch an einer Wand hängen

Room No. 1


Grand suite with internal bathroom

Ein Schlafzimmer mit Antiquitäten eingerichtet

Room No. 2


Double room with private, external bathroom down the hallway

Ein Kachelofen neben einem Schminktisch

Room No. 3


Double room with private, external bathroom down the hallway

Eine Biedermeier-Sitzecke gebenüber eines Bettes, in der Mitte ein großes Fenster

Room No. 4

Marie & Margit

Double room with private, external bathroom down the hallway

Ein Raum mit Parkettboden und Wandschmuck

Room No. 5


Large double room
with internal bathroom

Ein Schlafzimmer mit zwei Betten und einem schönen Schrank

Room No. 7


Large double room
with internal bathroom

Ein Salon mit einer Sitzgarnitur aus dem Rokoko

Room No. 17

Maria Róza

Large double room
with internal bathroom

Ein großzügiger Salon mit großen Bücherregalen an den Wänden

Room No. 18


Grand suite with internal bathroom

Ein Bett unter einem Gewölbe

Room No. 20


Large double room
with internal bathroom

Bastion einer Burg mit Ausblick

Eat & Drink

Exploring makes hungry

We only serve what we like to eat ourselves. In the evening we do not offer an à la carte restaurant but one menu consisting of a main course and dessert (and a vegetarian option). If this is to your liking you are very welcome to stay for dinner but there are also excellent restaurants nearby.

Ein gedeckter Frühstückstisch mit Schinken, Käse, Marmelade

with style

No buffet, no waiting in line for the muesli, we bring everything to you either in the Renaissance hall or in the courtyard where we set up some tables.

Teller mit Kuchen und einem Kaffee

I like pie,
I like cake

For the afternoon we prepare freshly home made cakes and pies and the famous Viennese coffee varieties.

Ein Mann beim Bearbeiten eines Strudelteiges

Simple but delicious

In the evening we serve one menu, for example quiche of the day with smoked trout and salad and dessert (no à la carte restaurant). We kindly ask for reservations in advance.

Ein blühender Garten

Favourite spots

Secret hideouts
around the castle

Each of these places has something special, be it the view or be it the hanging chair in our 250 year old horse chestnut tree. It really pays off to go on an "expedition"!

Ein uralter Kasatanienbaum

Chestnut tree

Planted when the Batthyány family owned the castle, this tree has been serving as a source of shade (and climbing El Dorado) for 250 years. From this corner you can even see our neighbouring castle, the "Riegersburg".

Ein Tisch mit Bildbänden, dahinter ein offener Kamin


On rainy days you can sit back in front of the fire with a good book and a glas of Austrian red wine. What else could you wish for?

Menschen, die an Tischen im Burghof sitzen


There is always a soft breeze in the courtyard so that is very agreeable even on hot summer days. Insider tip is the hangmat under the lime tree.

Ein Blauregen, der über ein Dach wächst


From the top of the overgrown rock plateau in the courtyard (called "Bergerl") you can see everything but no one can see you.

Brunnen unter einem Kastanienbaum

Old well

From the bastion next to the well from the 16th century you can see the whole countryside.

Eine grüne Wand mit Bildern, zwei Sitzecken mit Kaffeehaustischchen


This unique coffee shop is located on the foot of the hill, so unfortunately you have to leave the castle´s premises. Nonetheless you will be rewarded with the signature drink of the house "Gin rosada" (gin with rose lemonade).

Eine gedeckte Tafel bei Kerzenlicht

Renaissance hall

Here we serve breakfast and dinner, but it is open all day if you want to marvel at the 17th century stucco works. It is also the perfect setting for classical concerts, which take place four times per year.