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Our suggestion for your wedding program


  1. arrival of the happy couple and guests

  2. come-together next to the fireplace


  1. sumptuous breakfast 

  2. in the late morning, civil ceremony amid a close circle of friends and family

  3. in the afternoon at abut 3 p.m., arrival of guests

  4. 3:30 p.m. church ceremony at the castle chapel

  5. ca. 4 p.m. reception in the courtyard, congratulations for the newlyweds accompanied by sparkling wine and champagne-orange

  6. cutting of the wedding cake (this might seem a little unusual to some, but instead of the classic canapés and petits fours, this could represent another highlight of the afternoon's festivities.)

  7. ca. 6:30 p.m. start of the wedding banquet in the Knights' Hall

  8. overnight stay at the castle or transfer to nearby hotels by taxi


  1. group breakfast and departure

Practical Information  

For weddings and similar events, we rent out Burg Bernstein on a package basis for two nights minimum, giving you exclusive use of the castle. The price includes accommodations and breakfast for all guests who spend the night at Burg Bernstein, as well as use of all available rooms (such as the Knights' Hall, chapel etc.).

Price incl. room and breakfast for up to 25 people and use of all of the aforementioned rooms
for 2 nights:  €14,500 
for each additional night: € 3,000

Music: The Knights Hall is equipped with a grand piano. We gladly arrange for a piano player or a classical music ensemble. If you are not into classical music, maybe you are interested in our local group of gypsies, who never failed to entertain the crowd. Electronically fortified music is unsuited for the Knights hall, as the vibrations might damage the fragile ceiling decorations, but might be arranged in one of the other halls.
We invite you to visit us on a Sunday afternoon in order to view the castle and discuss any unanswered questions over coffee or a glass of sparkling wine. This is the best way for you to get a true picture of Burg Bernstein and its residents.

To make arrangements for a tour with one of us through the castle and gardens, please phone us in advance at: +43 (0) 33 54 63 82
or write an e-mail to:

We look forward to your visit!

Your Hosts

Andrea & Alexander Almásy

With respect to the historic furniture of the castle we are unable to accomodate pets of any kind. If you would like to bring your own wine, which is possible, a small fee will be charged for each bottle. For additional services, which are not included in the arranged package, our employees will be paid by the hour.

Cancellation fees will be handled by Austrian Law.

Further important questions:
• are there guests with special dietary requirements?
• are there guests in wheelchairs (for settting up ramps, etc)?
• are there babies who need cots?

Damages to the furniture or the garden are not included in the price, as well as additional expenses for extensive cleaning of inventory, laundry and mattresses (if neccessary).

Telephone numbers:

Bernstein Castle, 0043/ (0)3354 6382
Hotel Burg Schlaining, 0043/ (0)3355 2600
Reiter´s Supreme Hotel *****, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, 0043/ (0)3353 8841
Protestant priest, Mr. Burgstaller,  0043/(0)3354 6514
Catholic community, 0043/ (0)3353 8289
Flower decorations, Mr. Wallis, 0043/ (0)3353 8713
For Civil Ceremony, Mr. Marth, 0043/ (0)3354 6502

Professional Photographers
Professional Photographers

Schlossweg 1; 7434 Bernstein


Tel.: +43 3354 6382


End of season
27th of October 2020
Start of season
30th of April 2021
You can reach us all year around via email: