Under 8000 sqm of roof we offer nine unique guest rooms. Enough space for everybody to enjoy peace and solitude even when we are fully booked. Each room has its own feeling and is decorated with original pieces of furniture from past centures. Of course we have partially integrated newer modern amenities and technology into the rooms, e.g.: electric light, wifi in the tea room, running hot water in the bathrooms and up to date mattresses. But there is no TV, phone, internet or minibar in the hotel rooms, because we strongly believe that these items would destroy the authentic atmosphere of the place. Prices range between 220 - 390.- Euros per room and night, breakfast included (two adults). Bernstein Castle is run as a bed & breakfast hotel. All our guests have free access to the natural bathing pond down in the village. The courtyard and your fireplace room is at your service if you want to close the evening with a nice glass or our Almásy wine.

If you would like to stay in your favourite room, please contact us via phone (+43 3354 6382) or email (holiday@burgbernstein.at), since it is only possible to select the room category when using online booking tools.

There are two reasons to contact us directly:

1.) You get a personal recommendation which of our rooms suits your expectations the best (size, beds, view, etc.) since each one has it´s unique flair.

2.) We offer the best conditions.

No.1: „Gottgetröst“ - Large suite with oriel (2 - 4 beds)

The suite is located on the ground floor and leads to an oriel, from where you have a fantastic view over the valley. It is named after Eduard Almásy, the English Patient´s grandfather. Families can book an additional, adjacent room with two extra beds - see No. 6 „Schwestern“ below.

No.6: Schwestern (2 extrabeds for children):

This is the children´s bedroom neighbouring the Gottgetrost Suite and can be booked on request for families who travel with their children.

No.2: „Vinzenz“ - Double room (2 beds)

with private bathroom down the hallway

This room is located on the 1st floor and has a fantastic view of the southern lowlands. It is famous for the perfect renovation by the Federal Monuments Authority and for its original furniture from Baroque times.

No.3: „Tantalouis“ - Double rooom (2 beds)

with private bathroom down the hallway

This room is located on the 1st floor and has also a fantastic view of the southern lowlands. The name of the room originates from one of the paintings showing Aunt Louise.

No.4: „Tanten“ - Double room (2 beds)

with private bathroom down the hallway

1st floor with view to the west, breath-taking sunsets guaranteed, where you will find a noble portrait of the "Tanten" (aunts), who are related to László Almásy The room also features a historical bathroom dating back to 1922 and is made of serpentine, a local greenish mineral from the area.

Vinzenz, Tanten and Tantalouis are recomended to those who are not afraid to meet Catarina Frescobaldi (vulgo "white lady") when they are on the way to their private bathrooms, which can be reached by a short way along the corridor due to the regulations of the Federal Monuments Authority.

No.5: „Kisebb“ - Large double room (2 - 3 beds)

This suite is located on the 1st floor and is named after a friend of Count Almásy. He was the architect of some parts of the garden. His name, Prof. Kleiner, translates to KISEBB in Hungarian.

No.7: „Lori“ - Large double room (2 beds)

This room is located in the southern wing of the castle. Lori Batthyany was the main constructor of this part of Bernstein castle in the 17th century, and her portrait hangs on the wall of this room.

No.17: „Prinzessin“ - Large double room (2 beds)

This suite is located on the 1st floor with an outstanding view towards the south. It was named after the Princess of Esterhazy, who lived here for almost 50 years.

No.18: „Pascha“ - Large suite (2 beds)

Located next to our Princess-suite these rooms once belonged to Janos Almásy, the brother of the English Patient. It is named after Almásy-Pascha, who was a Hungarian ambassador in the Ottoman empire in 1623.

No.20: „Nussbaum“ - Large double room (2 - 6 Betten)

This chamber dates back to the Romanesque era in the 12th century. It is the oldest part of the castle and the former apartment of the English Patient. No. 21 „Andrea“ can be rented a additionaly for extra beds.

No.21: Andrea - (4 extra beds for children)

Very well suited for a family or a group of friends, No.21 can be rented as an addition to No.20 with 2 extra bedrooms with 2 beds each. The bathroom is shared with No.20.

Because of the antiques that are part of each room we can accommodate guests with pets only in the Nussbaum suite. Also pets need to be announced in advance, so we can prepare the room accordingly. Due to recent events we refuse the check-in if we were not informed about pets in advance. We love pets! We have several in the castle, but this is not a regular hotel and we want a fair game for everyone.


How to get in touch with us:

Email: holiday@burgbernstein.at

Telephone: +43 3354 6382

Because of the castle´s massive walls it is possible that not every call gets through. We will call you back as soon as possible and are also happy to answer all your questions via email.

Pets must be declared before booking, otherwise we might have to reject the check-in, since pets are not allowed in the main building.

Short stays: We encourage our guests to stay more than one night to fully appreciate the peace and quiet of the castle. Please also note that room prices are reduced by 30.-Euros if you stay for more than one night.


Bernstein Castle is run as a Hotel Garni, we offer breakfast in the morning, homemade cakes in the afternoon and one light dish in the evening. However, it is possible to book a gala dinner for a group of a minimum of 12 people if announced 4 weeks in advance. We have several chefs in the vicinity that will open an exclusive pop-up restaurant in the knights hall just for you and your friends. The price of the menu varies between 60 - 80.- Euros (no drinks included).

Schlossweg 1; 7434 Bernstein

E-Mail: holiday@burgbernstein.at

Tel.: +43 3354 6382


End of season
27th of October 2020
Start of season
30th of April 2021
You can reach us all year around via email: