We are very happy to announce that we were able to organize several concerts at Bernstein Castle this year. On each of these nights we offer the possibility to experience the special atmosphere of our candle-lit Renaissance hall accompanied by music from different styles and eras. Ticket for these events are already available:

10th of October 2020, Dinner 7:00 pm

Concert 8:30 pm

Frolieb Tomsits-Stollwerck (vocals) & Mario Andric (piano)

Schubert („Winter journey“)

24th of October 2020

Concert 8:30 pm

Kalina Kiradijev (piano) & Sigrid Strauß (piano)

„Drei mal Vier am Klavier“

Mozart („Ein Orgelstück für eine Uhr“ KV 608)

Gattermeyer (spanish suite)

Schubert („Fantasie“ F-minor Op.103, D940)


Ticket for concerts: 35.- Euro (incl. welcome drink)


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Phone: +43 3354 6382

Schlossweg 1; 7434 Bernstein


Tel.: +43 3354 6382


End of season
27th of October 2020
Start of season
30th of April 2021
You can reach us all year around via email: