Welcome to Bernstein Castle!

Bernstein Castle has protected the local population from enemy armies for centuries. It now serves its purpose by acting as a fortress against stress and rush of the modern age.

Built on solid rock, Bernstein Castle majestically overlooks the Great Hungarian Plain and southern Styria. Every room has been passionately renovated in cooperation with the Federal Monuments Authority to preserve the original atmosphere.

Here at Bernstein Castle you can relive the luxurious lifestyle of a time long gone. Every piece of furniture has its own story. Unlike standardised hotels we offer you a chance to experience the authentic flair of a time long gone and enjoy the peace and solitude well off common tourist paths.

You are most welcome in our home, one of the last hide-aways for real discoverers.

Your hosts -

Anna Hase-Almásy & Erasmus Almásy

To the rooms...


The hotel reopens on April 26th 2019. 
We answer emails any time of the year.e_zimmer.html

15th - 21st of October 2018