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Our rates for the year 2018...

...depend on your choice of room and duration of your stay. One night at Bernstein Castle costs between 220.- and 390.- Euros per room, breakfast included (two adults).

There are two good reasons why you should contact us directly:

1.) We will personally find the appropriate room for your requirements. Each one of our suites and rooms is completely different, because you will be staying the the former bedrooms and salons of counts and princes. Of course they decorated each room differently.

2.) You will get the most favourable conditions directly from us.

See our rooms...

How to get in touch with us:

Email: holiday@burgbernstein.at

Telephone: +43 3354 6382

Because of the castle´s massive walls it is possible that not every call goes through. We will call you back as soon as possible and are also happy to answer all your questions via email.

Pets must be declared before booking, otherwise we might have to reject the check-in. The Nussbaum-Suite is ready to accomodate our guests with pets. We love animals, we have free running dogs and cats as well, but they are trained e.g. not to enter the kitchen. So we kindly ask for your understanding to keep your pets on a leash on the castle grounds.

Short stays: We encourage our guests to stay more than one night to fully appreciate the peace and quiet of the castle. Please also note that room prices are reduced by 35.-Euros if you stay for more than one night.


Since 2018 Bernstein Castle is run as a Hotel Garni, we offer breakfast in the morning and homemade cakes in the afternoon. However, it is possible to book dinner for a group of a minimum of 12 people if announced 4 weeks in advance. We have several chefs in the vicinity that will open an exclusive pop-up restaurant in the knights hall just for you and your friends. The price of the menu varies between 60 - 70.- Euros (no drinks included).

Nearby Activities: 

A selection of nearby activities can be found here... In summertime we recommend visting the Natural Swimming Pond in the village with an affiliated restaurant.

Visiting the garden:

If you are not one of our hotel guests (yet), it is still possible for you to have a guided tour through our famous garden.

Please call us in advance (0043/3354 6382) if you would like to visit Bernstein Castle in the off-season or send an email to: holiday(at)burgbernstein.at

We will be glad not only to show you the garden, but also the knights hall and the family chapel at Bernstein Castle.

Guided tour: 14,00 Euros per person (approx. 1 h)


15th - 21st of October 2018
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