Built on solid rock, Bernstein Castle majestically overlooks the Great Hungarian Plain and southern Styria. Every room has been passionately renovated in cooperation with the Federal Monuments Authority to preserve the original atmosphere.

Here at Bernstein Castle you can experience the luxurious lifestyle of a time long gone. Every piece of furniture has its own story. After waking up, you will look into a mirror that is hundreds of years old, or sit by a dresser that once was used by barons and kings when they were traveling through Austria and paid Bernstein Castle a visit.

Of course we have partially integrated newer modern amenities and technology into the rooms, e.g.: electric light, wifi in the tea room, running hot water in the bathrooms and up to date mattresses. But there is no TV, phone, internet or minibar in the hotel rooms, because we strongly believe that these items would destroy the authentic atmosphere of the place.

There is a lot to explore in and around the castle, so do not waste this opportunity for new experiences by staring at a TV screen.

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Distance from Vienna: 110 km.

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