Laszlo Ede Almásy

the important Hungarian desert researcher is a real person, while his character in the Oscar- winner film, The English patient, is mostly fictious. The task of this web page is to give a short and reliable biography of one of the last romantic geographic explorers. The last Austrian-Hungarian discoverer was born in Borostyánkõ ( now Bernstein Castle, Austria)...

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The History

860 A.D.: The whole area was held by the Salzburg Archbishop. A certain Presbyter Erimbert, a feudatory of the Archbishop´s, made over the land on the river Pinka to his vasal the "miles" Jacobus. The place-name "Bernstein" was not jet used, but the old Slavonic name the nearby hamlet of Grodnau, which means "the village belonging to the castle" in the vicinity, and this have only could been Bernstein...

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The Garden

After the danger of Turkish attacks had vanished in the 17th century, parts of the fortress were turned into a garden...

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15th - 21st of October 2018