There is a lot to discover in the chambers of Bernstein Castle. The whole fortress is like a museum where you could spend days and still find something new. There are dozens of portraits of the family´s ancestors, and every piece of furniture has its own story to tell. Or maybe you want to have tea and homemade pies in our authentic tea saloon and it is also possible to light a fire in the chimney room in the evening and enjoy a glass of splendid red wine from the region.



The uniquely located Natural Swimming Pond does not only offer wonderful bathing pleasures, but there is also an excellent mediterranean restaurant enclosed. Distance to the castle: 1 km

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Dreamlike landscapes in one of the secluded parts of Austria and far away from the tourism mainstream are waiting to be explored with a motorcycle. From the peak of the Hochwechsel-mountain down to the Hungarian lowlands („Puszta“) you will find the most beautiful roads with basically no traffic, the most authentic pubs and the the best vinyards. It is possible to rent a Yamaha XT 600 directly in the hotel, and many more different motorcycles from the local trader in Bernstein village.

You can explore the country on your own, or be accompanied by the landlord himself, who knows every hidden passageway in the area.



From the UNESCO Cultural Heritage town Semmering or from the springs in Fischbach a hiking track was designed that takes you through three different regions of Austria and also into the Hungarian lowlands. Of course, you can also just start at Bernstein Castle and explore the forests surrounding the fortress on foot.



Only 5 kilometers (3,5 miles) from Bernstein Castle you can find the Burgenland Thermal Bath, an ideal contrast to the medieval walls. Enjoy your day there, get a massage or pay the saunas a visit, and then have dinner in the splendid knights hall of our castle before you spend the rest of the evening in front of the fireplace, maybe with a glass of excellent local red wine.

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In the neighbouring village it is possible to rent E-bikes, which on request will support you cycling up the various hills of the Burgenland. Beware, this part of Austria is not called without reason the „humpback-world“, do not expect the Burgenland to be flat!

We do not own e-bikes, but we can organize them for you. You can rent e-bikes for 30.- Euros per day and bike plus another 40.- Euros if you wish to have them delivered directly to the castle.



There is a stable in the neighbouring village, where you can rent horses, but the Castle is also equipped to accommodate your own horse! The forest around the Castle also belongs to the family, so we can show you paths that no one else knows about.



The neighboring spa village Bad Tatzmanndorf (7 km/5 miles away) is home to Reiter´s Golf & Country Club, where you can also find the David Leadbetter Golf Academy which offers courses for every playing level.


Our recommendation for your stay in Vienna, home to the imperial residence, is the Hotel Altstadt Vienna in the 7th District.



We will gladly answer all your questions about Bernstein Castle an its surroundings, where you can find dozens of castles, museums, thermal baths and even a famous chocolate factory only 45 minutes away by car.

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