The Almásy-Collection

The Almásy family has always been a family of explorers and adventurers. Eduard Almásy took his wife and children around the world for two years. His son George was leading expeditions to Kyrgyztan and China and George´s son László Almásy became a well known aviator and cartographer. But where are the origins of this family and how did they end up in Bernstein? How would the wine cellar of Bernstein Castle look like, if World War I and II with their consequences had not resulted in one hundred years of tragedies?

We cordially invite you to explore the homeland of the Almásy family with the help of wine. Bernstein Castle is the center of this project. From here you can - following the spirit of the Almásys - go on „expeditions“ to the different vineyards, on every bottle the distance between the vineyard and the castle is noted. Each of these „expeditions“ can be carried out by using three different vessels, namely a motorbike, a motorcar or an airplane. They represent the quality level of the wine from easy drinking wines (motorbike) to the Grand Crus of the East (airplane).

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